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70% of obesity is related to your GENETICS

Our ENVIRONMENT plays a big part in why we have become an obesogenic society. From the last statistical analysis 6 in 10 people are either overweight or obese in Ireland. 

Did you know that even the strongest will in the world and harshest diets often DONT work. Unsustainable regimes are often associated with high rates of weight regain.


There are MULTIPLE COMPLEX reasons that someone can be overweight and that for years we have misunderstood the science behind obesity.

Obesity is now classed as a chronic disease and is highly thought to be a NEUROENDOCRINE disorder. 

This is why it can seem like you are swimming against a tsunami when trying traditional methods of diet and exercise alone. 


It is no longer about you OWNING the problem and taking responsibility.

It is not about HARSH unsustainable diets and exercise regimes which make your life miserable. 

It is about understanding the ROOT cause of your obesity.  Only then can successful health be achieved and maintained. 

We don't just manage your weight but we look at how your weight has impacted your overall HEALTH and well-being

Recent research have confirmed that we do not treat obesity thoroughly, uncovering great gaps in the care of people suffering with this disease. 

People with obesity are often shamed and even blamed for their size, which highlights the gross lack of understanding of the complex etiologies and biological processes underpinning obesity. 

The future of obesity treatment starts with the RIGHT investigations and treatments that are PROVEN to work. 

Our healthcare professionals all practice a holistic and integrative clinical approach, guided by the best available scientific evidence to help you to successfully improve your health and weight goals. 

It is your choice which treatment you opt for and are most comfortable with. We will make sure that you know the options available and the evidence behind each treatment to ensure that we devise a shared care individualized plan that works best to your lifestyle.  

How many times have you sought help from a professional to be told you just need to 'eat less and move more'. 

How many times have you felt 'what's the point in trying again'.


How many times have you thought 'I just need to embrace my weight but secretly loathed yourself and your body.


The narrative about obesity over the years has set you up to believe that YOU are the problem and that you are LAZY or WEAK willed.​

SOCIAL STIGMA on obesity has placed sufferers in a narrow minded viewpoint that was not only misinformed but psychologically damaging.

This often led people from seeking professional help.

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